I’m Katarzyna Glowacka, founder of Aesthetiva Beauty – an Aesthetic Clinic located in Finchley, North London. Skincare is an essential part of my life. Good-looking and youthful skin is a confidence booster, improves mood, and has other great benefits in the long run. Clear and tightened skin is something that I’ve been working very long to achieve.

I wasn’t dealt with a lucky card when it comes to perfect skin, which took me on a journey filled with trial and error, learning, and eventually setting into a routine that gave me the results I was craving for. Clear, young-looking skin that is wrinkle-free was one of my greatest goals, and now that I have achieved it, I want to share my expertise with others. Aesthetic treatments have become my profession, and are something I excel at.

My Story

My desire to learn was further fortified by undergoing numerous trainings in the field of aesthetics. I have successfully completed a Human Anatomy, Micro-needling, Dermal Filler in the Advanced Levels, Anti-Wrinkles Injection (known as Botulinum Toxin) in the Advanced Levels, Fat Dissolving Injections, Vitamin Boosters, Skin Boosters, Chemical Peels, Skin Care, Skin Cleansing, and what is most Important I am fully trained in Complications and Emergencies, as your safety always comes first!

The diverse field that I managed to learn about was a necessary step to provide a top-notch experience that is safe and completely personalised for each of my clients. This is why I have attended numerous Masterclasses and other trainings in all the fields to bring you the newest trends, most wanted techniques, products and knowledge.

I never stop learning, I have plans to further enhance my knowledge and widen my horizons in the field of aesthetics. The practical part is important, however, I’m planning on obtaining more knowledge in different aspects of the industry. I’m also striving to obtain more knowledge in the properties of aesthetic elements and the reaction of human anatomy.

I have the honour to live, work and create wonders in an era where there is a continuous technological advancement that can be applied to the field of aesthetics and beauty. Since the beginning of my journey, my goal was to help people find a better version of themselves and do that in a safe and correct manner that will leave them with beautiful, youthful and radiant skin.

I’m truly humbled for being on this path of endless discovery, improvement and positive feedback that I receive from my clients. This experience has opened new doors for me that when looking back I never thought possible. Empowerment comes in many different shapes and this is one that I’m more than happy to provide to my clients. I also offer post-treatment support to all of my clients to ensure that they have a professional to answer all of their questions.

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